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3 inch Cars Dash Cam

3 inch Cars Dash Cam

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  • 170 Degree Wide Field of View: This dash cam has a 170-degree field of view and can cover all three lanes of the car, so in case of an accident, the vehicles in the adjacent lane 3 inch Cars Dash Cam are visible, providing users with the most comprehensive safety protection.
  • In and out of Car Recording: This car DVR is equipped with a built-in camera that can record both inside and outside the car, giving users a better experience when using it for online dating and self-driving trips, as it can record beautiful scenery along the way and the mood of the trip 3 inch Cars Dash Cam.
  • HD Picture Quality: The front camera of this dash camera provides 1296P high-resolution images and videos, allowing users to see the road clearly and record the scenery and events on the road at any time 3 inch Cars Dash Cam.
  • Loop Recording: This automatic data recorder has a loop recording function 3 inch Cars Dash Cam that automatically overwrites the oldest recordings, so there is always room for new files. There's no need to manually delete or clear storage space.
  • Event Recording: This car video recorder has a built-in G-sensor that automatically starts recording when any collision 3 inch Cars Dash Cam or emergency braking is detected, and the event recording is not overwritten. This provides users with a more comprehensive record and security 3 inch Cars Dash Cam.


  • Item Type: Car DVR
  • Frames Per Second: 25
  • Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder
  • Battery: Built-in
  • Interface: USB2.0
  • GPS logger: Internal
  • Display Size: 3-5
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